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        您好,歡迎訪問江西省景陽寵物用品有限公司! 全國服務熱線 : 400-699-3560
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        嚼味品牌經過十多年的市場拓展,產品已經覆蓋全國各大中小城市,而且獲得寵物愛好者的肯定與信賴:卵磷脂魚油膏、綜合營養膏、舒暢化毛膏、 配方犬用羊奶粉、配方貓用羊奶粉、高鈣壯骨粉、濃縮卵磷脂片、益生菌等單品更是獲得寵物的喜愛。


        [Chewing taste] is a brand that provides healthy nutrition for pets. It has more than 20 functional nutrition varieties, involving pet calcium supplements, pet hair products, pet nutrition supplements, pet gastrointestinal adjustments, and omni-directional health protection for pets!
        After more than 10 years of market expansion, the chewing brand has covered all major small and medium-sized cities in the country. And get pet lovers 'affirmation and trust: lecithin fish oil cream, comprehensive nutrient cream, Shuchanghua hair cream, sheep milk powder, high-calcium bone powder, concentrated lecithin tablets, probiotics and other single products are also loved by pets.
        Chewing taste has always been "caring for pet health, advocating people's pets and harmony" as a development concept; Use technical innovation, strict quality, high-quality materials, for love to create the most delicious nutrition products.
        Chewing: Chewing more taste, chewing more health! Chewy. Chewy!